12 Top-Rated Beach Destinations in Italy, 2018

Italy is not only famed for its culture, food and history but also for its beaches. Find out the best rated Italian beaches for your next vacay.

1)Costa Sud and Costa Verde, Sardinia

Southwest of Sardinia’s capital of Cagliari, 5andy beaches hide in coves between headlands topped by round towers that were built when western Sardinia was under Spanish control.

2)San Vito Lo Capo, Sicily

Its palm trees, powdery white sand, and crystal-clear blue water make this long crescent near Trapani look a lot like the Caribbean. Bounded by the soaring rock headland of Monte Monaco, the wide beach of San Vito Lo Capo is adjacent to the Zingaro Nature Reserve, on Sicily’s northwestern coast. 3)Capo Testa and the Maddalena Islands, Sardinia

4) The Salento, Puglia

Puglia is located at the heel of Italy’s boot-shaped map, and at the very tip of the heel is the even-less-visited Salento, where the Adriatic and Ionian seas mingle off a sublime and largely pristine coast.

5) Santa Margherita Ligure

There’s a feeling of stepping back into another era in Santa Margherita Ligure, for a feeling of the renaissance.


The jagged coastline of Elba, an island off the coast of Tuscany, is dotted by more than 150 beaches, from long sandy stretches to tiny shingle beaches hidden in coves. For water sports, you can rent windsurfers and boats here; the protected waters are fairly shallow.


At the heart of the fabled Italian Riviera is Sanremo, made famous as a watering hole for royalty, nobility, the wealthy, and wannabes who gathered here in the early 20th century.Most are free and much less crowded than the Riviera beaches closer to Genoa, and they are connected by a 25-kilometer bicycle path created from the former seaside rail line.

8) Ischia

Ancient Greeks and Romans frequented the volcanic island of Ischia, in the Bay of Naples, to bathe in its hot springs amid its luxuriant flora.  In high season, it’s worth taking a water taxi to one of the many secluded coves with smaller uncrowded beaches. The little island of Procida is even more picturesque, and easy to reach by boat. You can get to Ischia from Naples harbor by ferry.


As shadows lengthen, the buzz moves to the Belle Époque promenade for the evening passeggiata, past fashionable boutiques and designer shops. Cittadella Jazz & More concerts draw crowds from mid-June through mid-August. Out of season, Viareggio is quiet, except in February when it’s the scene of one of Italy’s wildest and most colorful Carnival parades. Unless you plan to trek to the public area, it’s wise to reserve at a hotel overlooking the beach.

10)Cefalù, Sicily

Set below a dramatic rock on Sicily’s northern coast, Cefalù neatly combines two of Sicily’s most appealing features: a beautiful beach and a historic town to explore. A Norman cathedral stands out above the winding stone streets and colorful fishing harbor, all within sight of the long white sands that stretch from right below the old town.

11) Rimini

What you see at Rimini is what you get.It’s Italian beach resort at its most typical, and that’s just the way the Italians love their Riviera del Sole. So pay up, flop down, and join the fun. While you are there, stop to see the surprising town of Rimini just inland, a busy Roman colony and port with a number of Roman sites.



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